Outdoor Spaces Going Places…

Outdoor Spaces Going Places…

We all just LOVE our Michigan summers, celebrating as many of the summer holidays, weekends and as much time as possible in our outdoor spaces is our way to capture the warmth, unwind and enjoy!  Making our outdoor space one of tranquility, entertaining and active can be a challenge, here are some ideas to help get you inspired to make the most out of your outdoors!!!! 

 Tranquil:  If your looking to relax in your outdoor space, let’s use the mood coloring chart for that and turn to one of my favorites…BLUE!  Using blue in an outdoor rug on your deck paired with blue, teals and purples make for a space to crack open a beer, prop your feet up and take a few deep breaths in while you forget your work week and move along to your weekend! 

Delight In Designs Blog-Outdoor Spaces-Teal, Blue, Purple Outdoor Set

 Entertaining:  Orange, true nothing may rhyme with orange, but we sure can all congregate and party with it!  From our cocktail drinks, to our party veggie tray orange dominates, why not pull it into your outdoor party place?  Adding chrysanthemums, cosmos, or marigolds just adds JOY!  The ambiance of glowing candles, fireside, or even orange glow market lights also help elevate your boring to soaring!

Delight In Designs Blog-Outdoor Spaces-Orange Outdoor Set

 Active:  You may be out gardening, or playing flag football with the family, again hitting the deck for family game night, you’ll want to use hues of green to pull out the strategic, “get ‘er done” mindset!  Think bright lucky green by Sherwin Williams, and get creative from there, pulling the garden, trees, and even the grass will offer different hues as you get out there and activate your activity!!!

Delight In Designs Blog-Outdoor Spaces-Green Outdoor Set

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