Interior Design


Interior Design Process

If you are interested in having Delight in Designs do some home interior work we really set the process up as easy as READY, SET, GO!


READY would be the first consultation – We would come into your home and you would show us the things that you love and the things that you may want to change. We would then take notes, take some pictures, and we might walk around your entire home to get a good feel for what your style is and what pieces you already have that maybe we pull into the room that we are working with. We will give you tangible ideas, perhaps some color suggestions and just have fun sharing our ideas!


SET is once I get those ideas flowing with you, together we sit down and decide yep, I like this or maybe this isn't a good fit, and we will pare those options down.

From there, we take those ideas and just kind of let things percolate. It might be one or two weeks that will pass by, We’ll call you up and come back with some ideas, some samples, maybe some wallpaper, paint chips, that kind of thing and we will get those ideas flowing.


GO (our favorite part!) is when you give Delight In Designs the thumbs up and we get to start and really execute our plan! - get some painting, wallpaper, and really put all the pieces and parts together for a beautiful designed space.


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Frequently Asked Interior Design Questions

Do you have a particular niche, style, or is this a broad range?

In terms of what is our style, we really support a wide array of different styles. It is more about what you than what our style is. We really work hard to know what you are about, where you came from, how did you land in West Michigan and what is that story? We want to pull all of that into your home so if you have traveled and had a favorite trip to let's say Africa, we want to make sure that we pull those pieces in that you got on that trip so that as you live your everyday life you are reminded of that trip in Africa and that brings you joy.


Is there anything I should do / keep in mind / homework / prep work before we begin working together?

There are a few things you can do in helping us to be prepared for our first appointment together.


One of those is simply going on Pinterest and collecting those ideas and sharing those with us. Another idea would be to go through any magazines or even if you go to a friend's home and you love the way he or she designs. You want to capture those ideas and share those with us because that really starts us on a good path to make sure we hit the mark with you and get you exactly what you are looking for.


What questions should I ask at our first meeting?

Some of the questions you are going to want to ask at our first consultation is making it centered around you. How many people live in your home? Do you entertain at holiday time? Do you have family or friends come and stay the night? Give us a vision of how you live. So questions centered around making sure that we know YOU that is pivotal.


You are also going to want to make sure that you ask questions about me to make sure that I am a good fit. What does my style look like? What does my previous work look like? You want to make sure it is a good fit as we move forward and have such a close working relationship together.


Which areas does Delight in Designs serve?

We serve all of West Michigan.


How long should I expect our design consultation to last?

The first design consultation lasts typically about an hour. The first half hour will be walking through your home and getting an idea of what your style is. The second half hour will be spent getting to know one another. Hopefully you will be asking some good questions of me and I in turn will be asking some questions about you and your lifestyle.


What is the fee for the design consultation?

Yes, there is a fee, but we get right to work, from the moment we walk into your home, we will get a tour and explore options of how we might change things up to give you a fresh updated look.


How long is a project going to take?

It depends on me, you, and the vendors we choose. To make the project go quicker, it helps if you have some ideas in mind. If you use Pinterest that will definitely be helpful. As we narrow and I help guide you and navigate through ideas that will definitely shorten up the time of the project.


One of the things that can lengthen the time involved is if there are major changes that go on if we are going one direction then change direction along the way.


How involved do I need to be in the design?

It truly depends on the client. We run the gamut. We have some clients that have that hands off approach and don't want to be involved at all. We also have clients that want to pick out the paint chips with me, go shopping with me, we really lock elbows and work well together and think about each piece. Whether you are that individual client that likes that hands off approach or if you like that weekend shopping spree together working hand in hand we can cater to either of those approaches and would be happy to do so.


How do you showcase client designs?

Delight in Designs likes to showcase our designs by giving you an idea board of what we envision the room to look like, with the caveat that we are not glued to that. So we can keep open and know that there can be some fluctuation.


What if I am not happy with the design?

Here at Delight in Designs it does not do us any good if you are not happy with the design. We recognize the responsibility that we have to come into your home and choose colors and wallpaper. Every step of the way we will make sure that we have the thumbs up from you whether that is in the renderings we give you or the color choices we make. If you want that involvement we definitely will give you those opportunities. If not, you also have choices along the way to make sure that you are engaged and that we have your approval to move forward.


What is the final design?

We will present you with an idea board, with wallpaper samples and maybe some carpet samples, and we will also do measurements of the room down to where the outlets are and where your heat ducts are and making sure that we have a well-thought out process and plan to make sure that the design not only looks good for you and your family but has function and flair as well.


Do you manage new build projects along with remodels?

Yes, we work on new build projects and remodels. We work with a few builders in the Rockford and Grand Rapids area and are open to new opportunities to get connected and work with your builder to get you the design you are looking for.


Is there any job too large or small?

Maybe...stick with me here! We have had clients ranging from needing help picking out bar stools for their kitchen island all the way up to a new build. We really do run the gamut from a more detailed project to something more simple like selecting bar stools or designing a front porch.


When is it a good time to call a designer in?

There are so many choices out there of fabric and furniture that when you start to feel overwhelmed – that is when you want to call your designer in. We will be able to help you guide and navigate the design to turn your house into a home.



What separates you from other designers?

This one is simple! YOU, you separate us, what we mean by that is part of the fabric of who we are, is YOU, it is within our mission statement and our company goals that we work hard to celebrate you/your families journey into your home, if your husband likes hockey, what are the subtle ways we can share that about you within your home? You’re a doctor by profession? We may choose to use a stethoscope as a curtain tie back in your office; it’s about the little details that we can have fun with that express who you are, we have fun decorating in this way and we guarantee you’ll be in your “happy place” when we are finished!