Our Designers

Thank you for the opportunity of inviting Delight In Designs to stylize your home! At Delight In Designs we believe your home should tell your story. How did you land in West Michigan? What is your journey? We help you show off your character, your family and your style! We understand you have other choices and we are delighted you chose us to work with!

Ready Set Go
Our initial consultation will be BOTH OF US gaining knowledge. You will get to interview Delight In Designs and; we’ll have questions for you!  How do you function in your space?  What do you want your space to do for you?  We will ask you questions on your style and what makes you “happy” – we may ask to see other rooms in your home as this helps give us direction.  From here, we move to the next step! Our designers will come to your second meeting with color ideas, ideas for you that sparked with our initial consultation and we might even have swatches and samples for you to view; better defining your style.  You can expect us to take more formal measurements, ask questions and present you with an estimate of hours need to complete the scope of work. Once an agreement has been made, the real FUN begins!

Delight In Designs will partner with you to deliver!!!  Via email, phone calls and face to face meetings we will guide you to final determinations, we will work to bring you choices that match your dream home!  It is time to implement all the vision and decisions we’ve worked on – stylizing your home!  We are humbled by our life long customers and would be thrilled to have you join that list!


Meet Jessica!
Jessica Crosby Interior Designer Delight in Designs
"A house is not a home until your story is attached to it" is Jessica's mantra, she is passionate about truly knowing her clients, how they function in their space while sprinkling special touches of flair throughout her design. Being trained by the New York Art Institute has given Jessica the expertise to capture your style.  She welcomes new construction as well as remodel.  Jess enjoys using her creativity whenever possible and loves spending time with her husband Jamie.  
Here's Monica!
Monica Denhof Cheif Marketing Officer
Monica's creativity has enabled her to keep up with the current home fashion trends while expanding into new designs. She enthusiastically shares her diverse talent with many of our clients to make them their own DIY'ers! You will often find Monica teaching classes, assisting our clients in finding just the right treasure for their home, and loving her time at home with her husband Lance and adorable son Lincoln.
Introducing Jennifer!
Jennifer Jarvis Interior Designer
 Jennifer spent her first 33 career years as an elementary school teacher in lovely South Haven, MI. She has decided to spend what she earned the first 33 years working on her favorite hobby- shopping. She loves a good shopping trip, hunting for bargains and beautiful design (Just the type of buyer you want on your side, heh?!). As a buyer for Delight in Designs she is always looking out for your best interest for price point and interior design. In her spare time, she enjoys doing mission work with her husband Eric, son and two Haitian daughters.
You will love Kathy!
Kathy Levin Interior Designer Delight in Designs
Kathy believes in helping you reach your creative delightful self!  She is passionate about YOU feeling joy the second you walk into your home. She enjoys everything about designing and creating your gorgeous space.  Her weakness is vintage Jewelry (you may just spot her at a local estate sale!!!) She enjoys visits from all three of her children who live on the east side of Michigan and loves a relaxing evening with her husband Larry.  
Pinch Hitter! 
Kim Crosby Design Specialist
Kim brings with her a great attitude and an eye for home décor!  She has a wealth of knowledge in healthy living and is instrumental in pairing balance between fun and funky!  When she isn't out teaching yoga, she is with us helping make your experience a delight!   Kim has served on the board of several organizations here in Grand Rapids MI and loves adventuring out with her husband John.