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Featured as a Design Sponsor for the 30th Annual ATHENA Awards



Delight In Designs, 2nd place winner for best Interior Designer in Revue Magazine's Best of the West 

Delight In Designs- Revue Magazine Best off the West Winners


Radio Interview

Delight in Designs- Jessica Crosby Interior Designer- WGVU Morning Show- Shelley Irwin

WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin

Delight in Designs with Jessica Crosby and Monica Denhof. Jessica and Monica help clients tell their story via their décor.  This morning we talk about the place you play in and more.

The Rockford Squire Press ReleaseDelight In Designs- The Rockford Squire Press Release- Rockford, MI

 2019 WMW Brillance Awards

Delight In Designs-Sponsor West Michigan Woman's 2019 Brillance Awards

Delight In Designs were proud sponsors of the 2019 West Michigan Woman's Brillance Awards

Fox 17 Morning Mix

Delight In Designs was featured on the Fox 17 Morning Mix for our grand opening.